Friday, January 2, 2009

Slow Down Buddy

As I have noted elsewhere in this blog, I was transferred to South Bend, Indiana in the fall of 1948 where I became the one man Security Squad. All was not as calm and quiet as it might have been in the chasing down of individuals or organizations whose loyalty to the United States was in question. An amusing incident is recalled, I had a contact in Michigan City, Indiana - a town about 35 miles west of South Bend. Located on the Indiana toll road and continuing all the way across northern Indiana, one day perchance I had a contact in Michigan City and thereafter in Elkhart, Indiana located about 45 miles from Michigan City and only a few miles south of South Bend, however I had scheduled the contacts with insufficient time and as I left Michigan City on the toll road, I "pressed pedal to the metal" and navigated at least part of the toll road at a pace considerably over the speed limit. However, as I was only a few miles west of South Bend, I noticed an Indiana State Trooper coming up behind me at an even faster pace than I was going. I immediately slowed down to the legal speed limit, which as 70 MPH, the trooper passed me and exited the toll road in South Bend. I again "pressed the pedal to the metal" with the thought that I still could make the Elkhart contact on time. However, no sooner had I resumed my over-the-speed-limit pace than I saw the same trooper coming up behind me again. I slowed down to the legal limit again, but the trooper had his lights and siren on to pull me over. We both pulled over and I displayed my badge to the trooper, I had a contact in Elkhart that I simply must make. The trooper waved me on and I did make the contact in Elkhart as planned. Obviously, the FBI agents and Indiana state troopers were on very good speaking terms with each other.

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