Thursday, December 25, 2008


picture taken by Hayes Sidney King of lovely gift from Liszewskis

Merry Christmas Everyone! May Santa Claus have been equal to the task and made a prolonged stay at your doorstep.

I, Sidley, am enjoying Christmas day at the Sun City West home of Harold and Jean Uible, parents of Roberta, my spouse and eventually Serena, her much YOUNGER sister. Let me put in an aside here. Serena is a lady of many talents. She can make an iPod Touch come to life and refresh your memory with all the facts, so on, that you have dis-remembered.

I am sorry to report a Christmas Day in the Sun City areas is gloomy, no sun, and spitting a bit of rain. I am dictating this to Serena and she very quickly and without error translates my gasps for air as correct interpretation whereas old Sidley is trying to regain his breath.

To bring you up to date at this very moment at 20238 Alta Loma in Sun City West we have had a very fine breakfast engineered by Serena. We got up a little early for a holiday, but quickly translated a feeling of hunger as to a genuine liking of Serena's cooking; i.e., we had cinnamon rolls, muffins and little sausages. The fruit salad was prepared by Roberta. All this quickly vanished and at this moment Roberta is "working" at Chez Nous and the rest of us are either dozing in our chair trying to sneak another bite of the excellent muffins and old Sidley putting together some mish-mash of nonsensical words.

To date (11:30 a.m.) we have risen from Santa's four poster bed, performed the morning ablutions. Roberta reminding us that the breakfast date was set for 9am. Fat Cat in cat language appeared to scurry around in his box as well, his favorite napping place, but at this point both Roberta and I think your boredom has increased to the breaking point. And you no longer want to hear of Sidley, his spouse Roberta and Fat Cat. In due time, Serena will take me to 12834 West Ballad and drop me off "like a hot potato". I assume at this point she will again take up residence in her own home.

Should the mood strike you and you wish to hear more of the dirty linen, including the cats, of the King household, just drop me a line; I could go on for a couple of hours and not say anything more worthwhile than what appears above.

And Merry Christmas to All with Love,


P. S. I am happy to report the US Government's Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has seen fit to award its own Christmas present to all retired employees. Said present consisted of an infrequent form letter announcing that retirees and employees are getting a 6.5 increase with no increase in the deduction for health care. Whoopee! I'd rather think that the increase will be put aside to help get through the major depression that pundits predict will soon be a thing of the present.

Love again,

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