Sunday, November 2, 2008

Coco's, Changing Hands, etc.

From Sid's Blog

This is a photo of Sid, of course, and his favorite waitress Sharon. We had breakfast at Coco's. Sid had his favorite breakfast - pancakes, coffee, two poached eggs (well-drained) and bacon. Sharon O'Shea was also with us for the day.

We went on to Changing Hands - an interesting bookstore/gift shop. Sid and I then went next door to the restaurant that had free wifi (we could check email on our iPod Touches). There was also a very nice Trader Joe's in the same shopping center.

The next stop was Ikea - Mother's favorite store. Although we went through quite quickly and were out in about 45 minutes. Then off to Fast & Easy (the Tesco offshoot).

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  1. Hi, everyone! Great to see this blog -- Mom just told me about it.

    We were actually at Ikea today too, buying stuff for Merav's sister Tirtzah, who now has her own apartment (and so is no longer living in our guest room, hooray!). We also bought ourselves a new kitchen table.