Friday, October 31, 2008

The overview of Sid's life

This blog represents a lifetime of endeavors and photographs of same covering the approximate period 1920 - the present (2008). This portion of the King blog will cover the antics of Hayes Sidney King who was born January 21, 1920 in Fairbank, Iowa to Orin Hayes King and Blanche Elizabeth Ayers. He attended school in Fairbank, graduating from high school in 1937.

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He then attended Cornell College in Mount Vernon, Iowa in 1937 - 1941. He taught school until January 1942. After the beginning of the war in 1942, he enlisted in the Navy and served in various capacities until February 3, 1946, being discharged as a Lieutenant. He then obtained employment as a school teacher in Alpena, Michigan where he remained until the end of the following school year. Not wishing to starve, he accepted a position with the Federal Bureau of Investigation July 19, 1947. He retired January 1, 1972. During the intervening period, Sid and Marilyn became the parents of Sara Jane (Lennox) in 1943, Cynthia Ann (Park) in 1947 and Judith Raye (Liszewski) in 1951. Between retirement and the present time was spent in itinerant travel. The death of Marilyn and remarriage of Sid to Fannie Robbins, divorced and marriage to Roberta (Uible) in 1983.

Sid and Roberta continue to enjoy the retired lifestyle in Sun City West, Arizona. As to future plans, the happy couple is taking advantage of the SCW activities, such as hiking, swimming, and bicycling. Cultural activities include attending the Methodist Episcopal church.


  1. What a cool blog!!! I just tried to write a comment, but it disappeared, so I'll try again. I have a correction to make--I think Sid retired on January 1, 197*2*. I know that because I was there when he retired, and I was in German from 1969-1971. For his retirement Judy and I got champagne for him and a cake that read "Sid the Ex-Fed." (We used to call him "Sid the Fed" in the sixties.)

    Before I write more I'm going to try to post this and see if it works.

    Love, Sara

  2. Hey, that worked! I'll try again! I bet you don't have too many Trick or Treaters in Sun City West, but they are definitely showing up on Columbus Ave. I have something on my head that is either supposed to be a pig or a wolf (it is pink with a snout, but it has long ears)--one of the Tricker or Treakers said to me, "That's a sick costume!" I wouldn't have known that the kids mean that as a compliment except somebody said it to somebody else today in the STPEC office who was dressed as a zebra.

    Another group of kids discovered a cat in my front yard and said, "Oh, it's Walter!" I asked, "How do you know it's Walter?" and one of the moms said, "Oh, we see him at the school bus stop every morning [which is on my corner] and somebody told us his name was Walter." I of course haven't seen Walter for weeks. I tried to get him to come in, but he objected and went on his way again! Nice to know he's still around. The other cats are scared of the Trick or Treaters and run away when they ring the doorbell. Wow, in the last group somebody was dressed in blue with cotton balls glued to her--I asked her what she was, and she said "Partly cloudy with a chance of showers" and sprayed me with a spray bottle!

    Love, Sara

  3. Well, I tried this once and I think it did not get posted because I was not cleared. What I said the first time was, I think tht Dad was still teaching in January of 1943 because Cynthia was born in Alpena in January of 1943, but I wasn't there so I am not sure...
    I spent my Halloween with Miriam and my kiddos and GreatGrandma Evalyn. WE had Marilyn's barbeque and wacky cake because it was GGrandma's 87 birthday. A good time was had by all.
    I am going to try to post this and see if it works... Judy

  4. actually said by Sara Lennox

    Judy and I just discussed the blog, and she can't really sign on from home because her internet connection is so slow--she will connect up from school tomorrow.

    However, regarding her last post, if *I* was born in October 1943, it seems to me unlikely that Cynthia was born in January 1943. I kinda think Cynthia was born in January 1947!

    But maybe Sid could give us some more detail about the period between the time he graduated from college and when he joined the Navy--I've always been kind of confused about that. So, Sid, you graduated from college in June 1941, and Pearl Harbor was December 1941--when exactly did you join the Navy? When did you work at the recruiting office in Des Moines? And was it July 1942 when you and Marilyn got married? And when exactly did you ship out to sea? Looking forward to more detail in "The overview of Sid's life"!

  5. Loved seeing the google map of Fairbank. It isn't too hard to see where the King family farm is. If you type in 1052 Butler Ave. google will pin point the farm.